Some things just don’t fit where they might. So on this page we want to mention a few things that didn’t find an easy niche somewhere else.

  1. We are happy to answer genuine questions that you might have. Just hit the contact button and we will get the message.
  2. A number of AGNT products are downloadable from this website, including the introducctions and appendices to both AGNT and ANLEX and any of our archive of AGNT Quarterly News letters.

We are not providing our actual databases on this website for the obvious reason that they are available elsewhere.

Several Bible software vendors handle both one or more of our six AGNT databases and our ANLEX. We urge you to pick the vendor that best serves your purposes: Logos, Olive Tree, LifeWay.

  1. On this page we hope to post some spinoffs from our AGNT project. The first one, hopefully by the end of 2022 will be a datapaper on Generic Reference in the Greek New Testament with an accompanying offer of getting a specially marked generic reference database.

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